+38 (050) 4-71-71-44 (mob. MTC, Viber**)
+38 (066) 198-30-35 (mob. MTC)
+38 (093) 673-10-28 (mob. Life)

Аddress (including mail address):
83001, Ukraine, Donetsk, Konstitutsii Square, 1, Dom byta «Kalmius», office 808.

Location map and directions****:

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Usually office hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00
Sunday and Monday – closed, days off
But, because of the military actions receiving clients in the office temporarily not available


* An almost free call from a landline phone, here is Donetsk landline phone number to use:

+38 (093) 673-10-28

Call free from your mobile phone using the MTC and the appropriate tariff for the following numbers:

+38 (050) 4-71-71-44 (mob. MTC, Viber)
+38 (066) 198-30-35 (mob. MTC)
+38 (093) 673-10-28 (mob. Life)

** You can call for free from smart phone using:

Viber - a free application for mobile devices based on iOS and Android, which allows free calls to a phone number in which it is installed. In this case you don’t pay for a call but only for the internet (mobile, Wi-Fi or other) to which the device should be connected. Video communication is possible if there are cameras and fast internet.
Viber : +38 (050) 4-71-71-44

*** You can call for free using PC:

Chats on the site; Skype:; ICQ: MIS UA (686966857). As well as for Viber, you pay only for the Internet. If MIS is not online - please e-mail for your desire to communicate.

**** directions

The nearest public transport stop - «Konstitutsii Square».

The following transport stops here:

Trolleybuses - № 4, 7, 11, 12.

Available buses:
to the center - № 4, 11а, 36, 38, 46в;
in both directions - № 4в, 13, 24.

Buses - № 28, 46.

From the bus stop - 250 m along Quay Street to the first crossroads.
To the left, through the crossroads - the entrance to the building.
Go inside the building and up to the end to the elevators.

You can turn left just before the crossroads or stroll along the promenade and then slightly to the right to get to the main entrance to the building. A pass deep inside and the elevators are to the left.

You should get the 8th floor using an elevator. The first office on the left - № 808.

Parking place is at both entrances.

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