Translation agency services (including remotely*) and their cost in dollars (in RUB, in UAH)

 Written Translation (from language / to language)


Standard document and text up to 1800 characters

Non-standard document
(for 1800 printed characters with gaps)





Ukrainian, Russian


1,50 / 1,80





4,90 / 2,40


3,00 / 3,30

German, French



2,70 / 3,00

3,00 / 3,60

Spanish, Italian


3,60 / 4,20

4,20 / 4,80

4,80 / 5,40

Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Czech


3,90 / 4,50

4,50 / 4,80

4,80 / 5,10

Azerbaijani, Armenian, Belarusian, Greek, Georgian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Turkish


4,50 / 5,10

5,10 / 5,40

5,40 / 6,00

Arabic, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Kazakh, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Uzbek, Finnish, Swedish


5,40 / 6,00

6,00 / 6,60

7,20 / 7,80

Vietnamese, Dutch, Dari, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Macedonian, Norwegian, Turkmen, Farsi (Persian), Hindi, Estonian, Japanese

from 6,00

7,80 / 9,90

9,60 / 10,20

11,40 / 11,70


* remotely:
In this case your visit to the office and even stay in our region is not required. We work with clients all over Ukraine and the world, on translation, processing documents international marriages. Electronic documents or their copies can be sent over the network and the original documents, if necessary - by courier or mail. Remote translation is possible on a computer or mobile communication in the conference mode.

** The cost of translation group III is discussed individually.

Groups of complexity:

Diploma Supplement (regardless of specialty). References, characteristics, employment records, powers of attorney, letters. Documents of civil status, registration and other household paperwork. Customs documents (invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin and more without complex formatting). Simple contracts (for example, sale contracts, training contracts, the contracts of employment, without the weight of legal conditions).

Technical instructions and other documents on technical subjects. Economic texts, surveys, researches, etc. Contracts full of legal, economic and financial information. Charters of enterprises, financial documents, reports, balance sheets, audit reports, etc. Court, notary, medical documents (certificates, vaccination cards, diagnoses, surveys, etc.). The first group of texts with complex formatting.

Scientific articles, dissertations, texts on philosophical and religious subjects. Other highly specialized texts (eg, chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics). In some cases, to the discretion of the translator, the texts on medicine, auditing, engineering. The second group of texts with complex formatting.

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