Why clients choose MIS

The Service combines long experience of traditional and ultra-modern «cloud»* technologies that can help you to pick up the most qualified and suitable candidate at very low prices for our high professional quality, prompt and convenient for customers, including remote and online service. Free or with a very good price.

Below you can find what interests you and why you should choose MIS for various purposes:

Why you should choose a Translation Agency MIS:

Even more often it is necessary not only to firms and organizations, but also to ordinary citizens to face the necessity to draw up documents and understand correctly the interlocutor from other country. And as soon as such a need arises, everyone seeks to find assistants – a translation agency.

Turning to our translation agency, «Multinational Information Service», you will find an organization that meets all high standards of today. This is a correct translation into more than sixty languages. Responsibility, understanding of a subject and the document text, high personal professional level of working translators were estimated by the most of our clients. And a prompt legalization of documents, apostille and reasonable price policy – are key to the successful development of the company.

Legalization of documents for business

An important component of any international document flow - is a free adoption of these contracts and documents in the state structures in the country of the contractor. Translated and prepared documents ratified by apostille is the necessary component accepted in the world practice, both for business and for ordinary citizens.

Translation of documents for business

Contracts, applications, specifications, all sorts of conditions – these are documents regulating relationship of the parties and they are important for any business. Such translations are a responsible and an important job. The translator who will prepare and translate these documents must have a free orientation in terminology. He should understand not only the document essence but its key arguments and what it is about, the translator should also understand the nuances and subtleties of the language, as the meaning of document may depend on them.

Addressing the leading translation agency in Donetsk - the company «Multinational Information Service», you will find professionals with skills in the great variety of industries. Construction and finance, banking, transport, medical and technical literature. All translators have a sense of responsibility, punctuality and knowledge of the business.

Addressing the leading translation agency in Donetsk - the company «Multinational Information Service», you will receive competent and accurate translation from many languages of the world:

Translation and legalization of documents for individuals

The increasing migration of Ukrainians traveling abroad temporary or for permanent residence requires translation and issuance of documents in various structures of other countries. Education, treatment, processing marriage documents – this is only a short list of what people have to deal with.

Translation agency «Multinational Information Service» will assume Apostille registration on the birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce and death certificates. The Agency will also issue consular legalization of documents in Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. MIS gives consultations in preparation and processing paperwork for study, treatment and a marriage abroad.

Why choose MIS for the assistance in making a international marriage union

Because with our help every client gets married. And such information quickly extends among acquaintances.
How does it work? Our clients and foreign clients often apply to us with various accompanying requests, even with the one to help to choose or find a suitable spouse. Many years ago we decided to try and it is successful. Now we have a successful network of clients in different countries and can successfully offer such a service.


* Cloudy technologies in this case mean that we use work of translators regardless of their geographic location, but only depending on their professional reputation and convenient price range. This allows you to pick the best available professionals around the globe, no matter how amazing it sounds.

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